I spy – issues of privacy in gaming and gamification of privacy seminar

Submit your abstract by Friday 30 September to

I Spy Seminar ImageA chance to for all researchers and students (Masters and PhD) to share their work/ideas on contemporary privacy issues.  This seminar will focus on presenting papers from a variety of disciplines that focus on privacy through the lenses game experience or gamified experience.

Papers are welcome from seasoned researchers and students (Masters and PhD) alike who are interested in sharing their work or ideas relating to contemporary privacy issues.

Possible topics may include (but are not limited to):

🎮AI-driven, AR and VR games and privacy experience

🎮Location-based games and privacy

🎮Gamified views on surveillance – Vigil-anti views on public surveillance

🎮Dark design patterns and online gaming

🎮Robotics, gamification, learning and privacy

🎮Gamified learning and privacy

🎮Tracking and geospatial location technology

Please send your abstract of 150-250 words to by September 30th, 2022. In your submission please indicate your contribution type: full paper (max. 5000 words); short paper (max 2000 words); or position paper/poster/demo. Word count does not include references.

Other important dates:

  • Monday 10 October: Author notification
  • Monday 14 November: Paper submission (to be shared only with other seminar attendees)
  • Tuesday 22 November: Seminar presentations

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Aila Kronqvist on tieto- ja yritysarkkitehti Solitalla, ja tohtorikoulutettava Jyväskylän yliopistosta. Aila työstää parhaillaan tohtorintutkintoaan kognitiotieteessä naisten kokemaa sukupuolen roolia tarkastellen tietotekniikan alalla työskentelevien naisten kokemuksia. Tutkimus tarkastelee lähemmin, miten sukupuoleen liittyvät kokemukset vaikuttavat kognitioon työpaikalla.