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The VME is an Interaction Design Environment for all; start ups, industry partners, students and researchers alike. We're a space for like-minded people to gather, united by a passion for interaction design. Whether you'd like to collaborate with us, conduct research or even just have a look around – welcome! The first step to getting involved with us is to reach out to one of our friendly VME team. They can tell you more about the VME, answer your questions and help you plan a visit. We look forward to working together with you!

VME Laboratory

You can come and take a closer look at AR/VR -technology, eye tracking, design a game demo, conduct a user testing, or test our other equipment before purchasing of your own. You can also come and have a workshop and design if you still need to work on your idea. The VME lab is available for students, teachers, companies, researchers and various cooperation projects between companies and students.


Our VME IXD Environment is based in Technobothnia building at the University of Vaasa.


See here for more detailed entry instructions.

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VME blog

In our blog you'll find all kinds of engaging articles written by our talented VME team. We'll talk about what's going on in the VME environment, let you in on our research and share inspiring stories from the wider VME community. We hope you enjoy reading!

Mao Activity

We ALL use technology but are we ALL equal in the tech?

Aila Kronqvist is an information and enterprise architect at Solita, and PhD candidate at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Aila is currently completing her PhD in Cognitive Science on the role of gender in the experience of women working in the information technology field. The research takes a close look at how the experiences influenced by gender affect cognition in the workplace.

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