VME for Students

Free for All

Would you like to try VR glasses? Is game design close to your heart? Are you doing a thesis or project where you could use eye-tracking? VME is the answer.

We strive to combine the needs of companies with VME staff, students and resources. So, if a company’s need for the VME could be part of a course at university, the VME can facilitate that.

You can also come to the space to ideate, test the equipment, plan your game demo, conduct team projects or just get to know the technology.

How does the VME work?

The VME can be booked and used for free by all students and teachers. You can book a space for your use directly from the booking system.

After reserving space, our host Hannu will let you in to the VME and help you get started. Feel free to contact us in advance if you want to know more about the operation of a particular device, whether we have a particular device you need or if you’re unsure whether the space is suitable for your purpose.

VME Equipment

Several of the University of Vaasa’s courses are conducted at the VME.  We also encourage teachers to innovate and take advantage of our facilities and opportunities in teaching.

In addition to VR / AR technology and eye-tracking, the VME also has a game corner and InMoov robot.

Hardware and software used: Eye Tracker, Hololens 2, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and software such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, Adobe XD, Adobe software packages and Eclipse.

Current & planned courses supported by VME

Man using VR glasses. Main VME homepage image.

  • Pelisuunnittelu, pelit ja pelikulttuurit (Sebastian Laitila)
  • Introduction to game studies (Sebastian Laitila)
  • Introduction to Human Computer Interaction (Laura Havinen ja Juho-Pekka Mäkipää)
  • Käyttäjäkokemus (Laura Havinen)
  • Verkkosisältöjen saavutettavuus (Juho-Pekka Mäkipää ja Suvi Isohella)
  • User Innovations (Minna-Maria Jaskari)
  • Technology Management (Rayko Toshev)
  • Simulations of Production systems (Rayko Toshev)
  • Visual communication (Meniina Wiik)
  • Brand Management (Minna-Maarit Jaskari)

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