VME for Businesses


Eye-tracking provides data-based results. It helps with planning while analytics tells you how it went. You can use it to help with both product development and marketing.

Examples of uses include testing, user surveys, website optimization, or A / B testing.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. The purpose of the VME is to bring together different parties. Thus, start-ups and SMEs in the region have the opportunity to innovate and collaborate with students, researchers, teachers or educational institutions.

Through us, you can give, for example, a business case or user testing as topics for student work or course workshops.

Contact us and tell us your needs! After booking your visit, our host Hannu Honkanen will meet you and help you get started.

Welcome! You can find us in Technobothnia!

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Our environment

You can come and learn about AR / VR technology, eye-tracking, design a game demo, do user research or testing, or test our equipment before purchasing any of your own.

You can also come hold a workshop or brainstorm and conceptualize if your idea still needs refinement. During your first visit to us we will guide you through the operation of the studio and the use of the equipment.