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Campus Development News

The year 2020 has been a year of action in campus development. This year we have taken remarkable steps forward and the journey towards a world-class campus has begun. In this piece of news, we summarize this year’s events in campus development.

The year started with renovations in January when the demolition work started in the Torni-part of Tritonia. Also, the planning phase of the renovations begun and the auditorium’s ad hoc -group was established. The plans for a new library-themed ad hoc group were made. It was also in January when the main groups of campus development started their functions. Renewal of Premises (UTI), Location of Functions (TOSI), and

The renovation of the auditoriums was set to be started in the summer of 2020 and the auditorium’s ad hoc groups started their tight work. The beginning of the year was mainly filled with organizing both the staff’s movings and the renovations of Torni.

Forming of the alliance and renovation plans

In March, big decisions were made regarding the auditoriums based on the mapping of the auditorium’s ad hoc -group. We started to plan the external website for campus development. The renovations of Torni were delayed because of the bankruptcy of the main contractor. The moves were evaluated to be pushed until August at the latest. The coronavirus forced the whole university to distance work. The alliance was set off by surveying the possible partners and contractors and the workgroups (UTI and TOSI) started their cooperation with architect office Kohina. The campus development’s website was published.

In June, campus development got new members when our new facility vice-director, John Öst, and the assistant of campus development, Hannes Torppa started working at the university. John was made a member of the campus development project group, and Hannes was assigned to work with sustainable development and restaurant services. The renovations proceeded rapidly and the aim was to have the premises in use by 1.8.

The renovations of the auditoriums were started. The renovations of the auditorium Levón was decided to be divided into two summers since we wanted to have the halls in use during the academic year. The campus got quiet when the staff went away for their summer vacations but campus development kept going and the renovations were fully on the whole summer.

Let the moving begin

When the fall arrived, the movers got to settle into their new working premises. The renovations of the auditoriums were finished and the halls were taken into use. The workgroup of sustainable development and the restaurant services’ ad hoc -group were established and the groups started their functions by forming and planning. Vast condition mappings were made in Konttori in early fall, which helped us to evaluate the extent of construction work needed. Some non-urgent construction needs were found, and we make plans to fix those.

The forming phase of the alliance contracting model was finished and the partners were chosen. As our main designer/architect we have chosen Arkkitehtitoimisto K2S Oy, as HPAC-tech, electricity, and building automation designer, we have chosen Granlund Oy, as a designer for building structures, we have chosen Ramboll Oy, and as our main contractor, we have chosen PEAB Oy. After this starts the so-called phase zero, where plans are made regarding the Luotsi-building.

Towards the next year

The premise workgroups have also come to their work’s end this fall. Kohina built two concepts based on the discussions in their meetings. The concepts deal with the needs of different stakeholders and ideas for the new premises. The concepts concern mainly the staff’s premises. Both concepts have been accepted in the steering group and presented to the designer and contractor parties. Due to the feedback provided by the designers, the work has been valuable and it has given useful data especially to the architects to support their work.

The Luotsi-building was emptied and the renovations are planned to begin in early 2021. The building will be emptied by Christmas since the necessary demolition work is started there as soon as possible. The teams located in Luotsi have moved to their temporary relocation.

We have communicated about campus development this year on our external webpage, and in VYY’s Instagram Stories where you still can find the videos in Highlights. The link to our webpage can be found in Moodle, and you also find our site by searching it on univaasa.fi. We have put the effort into communicating and it has been and is being modified due to the feedback provided.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2021!

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