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The alliance

Campus development is implemented with

Alliance contracting model

Campus development is implemented with the alliance contracting model. It is founded on a collective agreement between the operators and bases on their cooperative actions. The operators form an alliance that is responsible for the execution of the project due to jointly agreed aims. In the alliance, it is central to share the innovations, risks, and successes as well as learn throughout the process. We aim to achieve advance both economically and schedule-wise. Compared to the traditional competitive bidding model, the alliance contracting model makes it possible to work more flexibly and continuously. The client in the alliance is the real estate company Vaasan Merikampus oy. The other alliance partners are Architecture agency K2S Oy, HPAC-technology company Ramboll Finland Oy, and building services engineering company Granlund Pohjanmaa Oy. The main contractor of the alliance is PEAB Oy.

A Unique Campus Experience

We build a world-class campus in marine surroundings

More Than a Construction Project

An engaging, forward-looking, and energy-efficient development project for studying and science

Built Together

The whole university included in the project

Contact information of the alliance

University of Vaasa, Director of Finance Harri, p. 029 4498 590  

Architecture agency K2S, Architect Kimmo, p. 040 5647 576 

Granlund Oy, Head of Local Activity Development Kari Rintamä, p. 050 526 2280 

Ramboll Finland Oy, Head of Department Reima, p. 040 481 8322  

Peab Oy, Head of Unit Hannu Rajamä, p. 0400 959 905