Construction Site and Moving Around on Campus

Tervahovi construction site is complete, but the building is still being furnished and finished. Please avoid extra walking around the building. A cooling unit will be installed on the roof of Ankkuri during the summer. The courtyard between Ankkuri and Tervahovi on the sea side, as well as the fenced section next to the main entrance of Ankkuri, are construction areas. Please remember to observe general caution when moving around the construction site.

The Construction Site

University of Vaasa campus map

Please note the following when moving around the campus

  • The renovation of the Tervahovi building is in its final stages, and the autumn semester will start in the renovated teaching facilities. Please avoid extra walking in Tervahovi during summer.
  • For safety reasons, do not enter the construction site. The area is delimited by construction site fences, which are marked on the map with a black line. Special caution is advised when moving in the area.
  • The parking area next to Tervahovi is again for staff use. Please note that there may still be construction traffic passing through the area (indicated by orange arrows on the map) and therefore care should be taken in this area.
  • The construction site hut remains on its place next to the Luotsi building, on the side of the courtyard.