Construction Site and Moving Around on Campus

Luotsi’s construction site has been moved to the old academic library Tritonia. The main entrance to the building is not in use, but the back entrance is available for staff who are working in the building. Construction traffic is highlighted in the map below. The bicycle parking area behind Konttori is not available due to heavy construction traffic in the area.

The Construction Site

Please Note the Following When Moving Around the Campus

  • Do not enter the construction site. The boundaries are marked with fences (marked with orange lines on the map)
  • Staff working in Torni can use the back entrance to access the building.
  • Do not park your bike behind Konttori. The black bike racks are not in use due to heavy construction traffic.
  • The construction site hut is still placed next to Luotsi. It is marked as an orange square on the map.
  • Construction site traffic may cause temporary traffic blocks on the areas marked with orange arrows.