Construction Site and Moving Around on Campus

Luotsi’s construction site is established on 18 October 2021. The parking of cars and bikes in the vicinity of the Luotsi and Tervahovi buildings is most affected by the construction site. Therefore, see the map below and read the additional information carefully. The status at the site may change depending on the situation, so follow this website to find up-to-date information. Remember to remain generally cautious when moving near the construction site.

The Construction Site

Kartta työmaa-alueesta. Luotsi- rakennus on ympäröity työmaa-aidoin, jotka reunustavat Tervahovin edustan parkkipaikkaa sekä ulottuvat Luotsin henkilökunnan parkkipaikalle saakka. Tervahovin edustalla oleva parkkipaikka on käytössä, mutta sen alueella on työmaaliikennettä. Työmaaparakki on sijoitettu Luotsin sisäpihan puolelle, työmaan reunalle.
Työmaa-alue kartalla

Please Note the Following When Moving Around the Campus

  • Do not enter the construction site. The boundaries are marked with fences (marked with orange lines on the map)
  • Do not park your bike on the side of the Luotsi building. The bike racks have been relocated to other bike parking locations
  • There are no parking places for the staff behind Luotsi. Use other parking spaces assigned to the staff.
  • The construction site hut is placed on the edge of the site area, on the side of the courtyard (marked with an orange square on the map).
  • The student parking area in front of Tervahovi is in use despite the construction but the area serves as a route for site traffic (marked with orange arrows on the map).
    • The route to the staff parking area behind Tervahovi is also in use.
    • During large transports, restrictions may occur on the use of the area but this will be announced when it is topical.
  • You can still walk to the courtyard by foot behind Tervahovi’s marble gate.