The New Workgroups in Campus Development

Campus Development News

Two new workgroups were established in campus development last summer: the sustainable development group and the ad hoc group of restaurant services. Both groups have members of all stakeholders.

The sustainable development workgroup

One of the aims of campus development has been sustainable development. Preliminary work has been done during the summer, according to which the workgroup was established. The group aims to calculate the University of Vaasa’s carbon footprint and then make a plan of reducing it. The group had its first meeting on 11.9.

Members of the group

  • Tommi Lehtonen (chairperson), Professor, Applied Philosophy
  • Harri Salmela, Director of Finance
  • Suvi Karirinne, Head of Vebic
  • Hannes Torppa, Assistant, Campus Development
  • Heli Siirilä, Project Manager, Innolab
  • Erika Syri, Juvenes
  • Anne Sved, Specialist, Executive Services
  • Elina Blomqvist, Vice-Director, Finance and Project Administration
  • Birgitta Martinkauppi, University Lecturer, Applied Technical Physics
  • Annemari Vatunen, Vice-director, Facility Services

The restaurant service ad hoc -group

The restaurant service ad hoc -group was established in campus development. The group will plan the restaurant services on the campus and is a part of engaging the staff and stakeholders. The group had its first meeting on 14.9. and the group is in its forming phase.

Members of the group

  • Emmi Nuutila (chairperson), VYY
  • Aleksi Sandroos, VYY
  • Eevi Ursin, student
  • Hannes Torppa, Assistant, Campus Development
  • Marita Kätevä, Assistant, Lobby, Facility and Security Services
  • Linda Westerlund, Assistant, Executive Services
  • Sannakaisa Holmlund, Specialist, Education Services
  • Nina Jokiaho, Specialist, Communications, Brand, and Marketing


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