Membership benefits and fees

Membership benefits

As a member of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers, you can take advantage of the many member services and benefits. For more information see

Membership fees

The membership fee is 1% of the primary wages subject to withholding tax, however for a minimum of 96 euro and maximum of 600 euro per year. The membership fee is collected from all wages subject to withholding tax, including holiday compensations, holiday pay, fringe benefits and severance packages in termination situations.

VYTY’s membership fee is 1.00% (FUURT 0.9 and VYTY 0.1)

The fee for members who are not in salaried employment is €8/month. These include, for example:

  • those taking a non-salaried study or job alternation leave
  • those working only by virtue of grant funding
  • those doing military or non-military service
  • those who are unemployed
  • working abroad
  • carrying out entrepreneurial activities.

For pensioners and students, the membership fee is 60 euros per year, or 5 euros per month if membership begins or ends (students) in the middle of a year. Membership for pensioners and students does not include the unemployment fund.

For more information see

Payment of the membership fees

The membership fee payment information for 2022 will be sent to all members early next year. The payments are due monthly so that the due date is the 10th of the following month.

Specific reference numbers for each payment period. The membership fees are registered for a specific payment period based on the given reference number, so make sure that you use the reference numbers found on your invoices to avoid any unnecessary payment reminders.

Membership payment instructions should be kept throughout the year.

You can also check your membership information and membership fee from e-services or in your mobile membership card under “Update your information”.

In our e-service, you can view your membership information and earlier fee payments. If you need instructions on how to pay membership fees, contact our membership service with questions and changes related to your membership by emailing to or by phoning +358 (0)20 758 9619.

You can also authorise your employer to collect and pay the membership fee directly from your salary.

Complete the authorisation form ( to enable your employer to collect the membership fee directly from your salary. Give the form to your employer and send a copy to the membership services of the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers. Print a copy of the completed form for your own records as well.