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The list below includes links to various types of terminological resources and services that are often multilingual, multidisciplinary, national or international.

National, international, organization/company specific etc.

  • Bistro – Information System for Legal Terminology. Italian-German-Ladin. Institute for Applied Linguistics at Eurac Research. Bolzano. [ok 22.4.2020 an]
  • Cercaterm – TermCat, Catalonian terminology
  • EcoLexicon – terminological resource developed by the LexiCon Research Group at the University of Granada [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • ETB – EuroTermBank. EuroTermBank Consortium [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • EuroVoc – EU Vocabularies.
  • Eurovoc.europa.eu – the EU’s multilingual thesaurus [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies (nine languages) [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Evroterm. Multilingual terminology database of terms established in the course of preparing the Slovene version of legal acts of the European Union [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Fran. Dictionaries of the Fran Ramovs Institute of the Slovenian Language. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • FranceTerme. La délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France (ministère de la culture et de la communication).
    [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • FAOTERM Portal. Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. [ok 4.4.2020 an]
  • Felles datakatalog, Norwegian National Data Catalog. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • IATE – terminology database for all EU institutions. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • ISO online browsing platform. ISO standards terminology. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Neoloteca, Catalan neologisms, terms standardized by TERMCAT’s Supervisory Council. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • OERTB – Open Resource Term Bank, project to support the collaborative development and dissemination of terminological resources, promoting the use of African languages in teaching and learning at higher education institutions. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Rikstermbanken. Sveriges nationella termbank. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Sami termbank. Standardized terms of the Sami languages in Finland, Norway and Sweden. [ok 2.6.2021 an]
  • SAPterm. SAP terminology database, software corporation SAP. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Socialstyrelsens termbank. Sverige. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Struna – Croatian Special Field Terminology [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Téarma.ie – National Terminology database for Irish [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Termania, Slovenia [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Terminologišče, terminology service [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Termium – Banque de données linguistiques du Gouvernement du Canada. The Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank.
    [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • Termportal, Universitetet i Bergen, Norges Handelshøgskole og Universitetet i Oslo, Norway [ok 2.6.2021 an]
  • Tilde. A cloud-based platform that provides various terminology services [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • TourisTerm. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). [ok 14.6.2019 an]
  • UNTERM – a multilingual terminology database maintained jointly by the main duty stations and regional commissions of the United Nations system. [ok 22.4.2020 an]
  • WIPO Pearl. Multilingual patent terminology portal. [ok 14.6.2019 an]
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Create your own termbase

  • Terminologue. A cloud-based, open-source terminology management tool. Dublin City University. [ok 14.6.2019 an]


Portals, other glossary and term bank lists

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