John Öst potrettikuva

Get to know the alliance – presenting John Öst

Alliance Campus Development News

Name: John Öst

Company: Granlund Pohjanmaa Oy

Role in the alliance: Chief Designer of Building Technology

Area of responsibility in the alliance: Member of the Alliance Project Group, the person responsible for building design

How can your work be seen in the result?

In everything 🙂

Have you learned anything new?

An alliance project is a challenging implementation concept, at least for a first-timer, but also a very flexible one. Nevertheless, choosing another implementation model would have been difficult since there are challenges regarding, e.g., the needs and the future ways of working. It is good to handle these kinds of issues together in our joint project organization.  

What are your thoughts on the University of Vaasa?

The trade and industry plus the public sector of Vaasa need experts since there will be new operators and businesses coming here. The university has an essential role in ensuring that we have those experts. 

What are your thoughts on the city of Vaasa as a university city?

That was a tricky one. The city is an excellent wholeness, and the campus area is representative. But I would say that the waterside area and the view. 

What’s your favorite thing about our seaside campus?

As a born-and-raised Vaasa citizen, I like the short distances and the conveniently sized town and the wide-ranging services of the area. Internationality has always shown in Vaasa, and I find it a great thing. 

Would you like to send greetings to students or citizens?

You students have a great city of study. I also hope that you will find a suitable job from here after your studies. 

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