Auditorium Levón

The renovation of Levón hall is complete – see the photos 

Alliance Campus Development News

The second phase of the renovation of the auditorium Levón is complete, and the hall is available for use. The new look is fresh but respects the original design. The most significant change took place at the edges of the hall. The new flat areas enable more versatile and efficient use of the auditorium. More information about the renovation is in this news release.

The second part of Levón’s renovation was finished on time, and the construction went according to plan. The second phase targeted the benches, floors, and new flat areas of the hall. The new hall design enables versatile work not only in lectures but also in a broader viewpoint outside lectures. You can come to Levón to do group work or study when it is available.

Auditorium Levón

The hall is already in use following the current coronavirus restrictions. The furniture of the new flats will arrive in late autumn due to prolonged delivery times. There are 300 fixed bleachers in Levón, in addition to which the flats can fit 53–87 people depending on the purpose of use. Originally there were 500 seats. You can see pictures of Levón before, after, and during the renovation in our gallery. 

Alliance contracting model in a nutshell

An alliance model has been chosen as the implementation method of the campus project, which is based on a joint agreement between the main actors of the project and relies heavily on working together. The actors together form an alliance that is jointly responsible for the implementation of the entire project in accordance with mutually agreed objectives.

The alliance model includes innovation, the use of project-based doctrines, and the sharing of risks and successes among partners. Our goal is to achieve both a scheduled and economic advantage, as the alliance enables flexible practices and uninterrupted work that are more flexible than the traditional tendering contracting model. The alliance is more effective in terms of costs than the traditional tendering contracting model, as profits and potential losses are also shared among alliance partners. It is therefore in everyone’s interest that we stick to the budget from start to finish.

The client of the alliance is Vaasan Merikampus Oy, a real estate company of the University of Vaasa. Other parties to the alliance are Architects K2S Oy, Ramboll Finland Oy, which is responsible for structural design, Granlund PohjanmaaOy, which is responsible for building technology design, and Construction Company Peab Oy.


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