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Influence through work and ad hoc groups

Campus Development News

Student engagement events are almost done, but it’s still worth influencing! Students can influence campus development through work- and ad hoc -groups throughout the year. This news release lists student representatives from all groups in operation.

If you have an idea, thought or feedback, contact a student representative from an appropriate group. They will pass the matter on to the group’s knowledge at the latest in the next meeting. Student representatives promote the interests of all students and act as messengers from students to campus development. You can therefore easily influence campus development without any commitment.

Student representatives of the groups

  • Support for change: Johanna Luomala
  • Sustainable development workgroup: Johanna Luomala
  • Restaurant Services ad hoc: Eevi Ursin
  • Science Library ad hoc: Annalotta Järvinen
  • Outdoor areas’ ad hoc: Roosa Kesonen & Wiktoria Ripatti
  • Lobby and hallway ad hoc: Otto Runola & Lili Tyynismaa
  • Ad hoc of teaching and learning facilities: Soja Toppinen & Ida Kettuoja
  • Service area ad hoc: Laura Koivisto & Tuomas Koivistoinen

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