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Campus Development News

During this spring the students have been able to affect campus development. The events will reach their end with a wider questionnaire, in which we hope to have a lot of student participators. Among willing respondents, we will do a lottery of three 20-euro Wolt gift cards. The survey is open 17.–31.5.2021.

The engagement events for students started in January with the campus info held by our rector. In the info, we ran through the visions, current events, and effects of the project. In February, we arranged a workshop where we got an idea of the needs and wishes of our students. In March we conducted a low-effort poll in the Student Union’s Instagram Stories. The poll was a success since so many students participated.

This questionnaire is based on all the information from the previous events. It aims to collect more detailed information from a wide range of students. After the survey, our campus will start to quiet down for the summer. Nevertheless, campus development will keep going under the surface and current news will also be published on this site during the summer.

Participate in the lottery here!

We wish you all a relaxing summertime!

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