Campus Development in a nutshell

Campus Development News

A large campus development project has been launched on the university campus, the purpose of which is to build the campus into a vibrant and attractive meeting place in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The first phase will focus on the renovation of buildings and facilities.

The Campus project incorporates the following facility changes:

  • The Tritonia building will house staff workspaces
  • The Tervahovi building will become a house for studying
  • The Science library will be in the current Luotsi building
  • The Fabriikki building will be abandoned in the future

Although there is now talk of “staff or student buildings,” the facilities will be open to all and will house activities for different stakeholders. The basic idea is that functions that cooperate a lot will be located close to each other.

The goal is for students and staff to have access to the new facilities by the end of 2024. However, the repairs schedule may change for one reason or another.

The first phase of construction work began in December with the renovation of the tower section of the Tritonia building. The tower will have facilities for staff and is scheduled to be ready for use in May 2020.

In summer 2020, the Levón and Wolff auditoriums will be renovated. Renovation is scheduled to begin in June 2020, and the halls should be operational again in autumn 2020.

The aim is to minimize any drawbacks to the functioning of the building caused by the renovation so that everyday life runs as smoothly as possible. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in planning the future of the campus.

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