What does the campus project look like on a timeline?


The most prominent steps in early 2022 concern the Luotsi building, where demolition and priming work is currently being carried out. At the same time, the whole campus area is also affected.

The steps on the university campus are scheduled as follows.

  • Luotsi: finishing work in progress, ready on week 28/22
  • Tritonia: draft planning on week 1–13/22, implementation planning up to 14–26/22, mid-construction planning on week 27/22–1/23, ready on week 14/23
  • Tervahovi: functional planning on week 10–22/22, draft planning on week 22–35/22, implementation planning on week 46/22–4/23, mid-construction planning on week 3–35/23, ready on week 52/2023


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