Kari Rintamäki

Get to know the alliance – presenting Kari Rintamäki

Alliance Campus Development News

Name: Kari Rintamäki
Company: Granlund Pohjanmaa Oy
Role in the alliance: Chief Designer of Building Technology
Area of responsibility in the alliance: Member of the Alliance Project Group, the person responsible for building design

How can your work be seen in the result?

I strive to ensure that the indoor temperatures of the premises are comfortable all year round. That includes minimizing unnecessary energy use and that the energy is produced in the most environmentally friendly way.

Have you learned anything new?

The space needs of universities are undergoing a tremendous transformation, as distance teaching and teleworking have become part of our operations faster than expected due to the pandemic. We are designing the facilities to be more flexible than before, which also requires more ICT capabilities.

What are your thoughts on the University of Vaasa?

The University of Vaasa is a significant part of Ostrobothnia’s identity that enables the development of industry and trade in the region. The university cooperates well with companies. I find the well-being of the campus important due to personal reasons, as my youngest daughter is studying business and her boyfriend technology at the university. I have participated in Levón Institute’s high-quality Growth Company Management training.

What are your thoughts on the city of Vaasa as a university city?

The campus is a beautiful and high-quality entity in all aspects. We also get a good amount students from southern Finland, which brings good energy to Vaasa’s cityscape. Everything is available in Vaasa within cycling distance.

What’s your favorite thing about our seaside campus?

The Buildings, nature, and the beautiful whole.

Would you like to send greetings to students or citizens?

I would encourage more students to stay in Vaasa to work for our international industry. The industry could be even more active in adopting Finland’s hopes for the future in its companies.

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