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Campus Development News

In December 2019, a Learning Café was organized for students in connection with the Campus project, where students had the opportunity to influence and discuss the future of the campus over pizza. The themes included sustainable development, open innovation, entrepreneurship on campus, and physical and digital facilities. The event was organized by InnoLab’s researcher team.

Ad hoc groups as a means of influencing

In addition, several working groups have been set up for project design to bring out the views of different stakeholders in the design of the campus. Each of these working groups and ad hoc groups also has student representatives who make sure that students’ needs are heard in the new facilities. Each student has the opportunity to apply to an ad hoc group. We will announce through our website and in the student’s weekly bulletin whenever a new student representative is sought for an ad hoc group.

Working groups

Since the beginning of 2020, two working groups have been established for the overall planning of the Campus project: UTI, New facility solutions, and TOSI, Location of functions. Both groups have two student representatives, who make sure that the voice of students is heard. So, you can present your ideas and thoughts on the implementation of the future campus to the group representatives. They will also provide more information on the progress of the project.

The New facility solutions group designs new spaces and their functionality. The Location of the functions group considers where these new solutions will be located. The groups are compiled as follows:

The Renewal of Premies -workgroup

  • Hannu Piekkola, Professor
  • Timo Vekara, Professor –Deputy to Professors: Marko Kohtamäki
  • Mona Enell-Nilsson, Assistant Professor (Communications) –VYLL
  • Katja Sirviö, Project Researcher (Technology) -VYTY
  • Ove Ritola, Expert, IT
  • Tiina Jokinen, Assistant, Local Services (Tervahovi)
  • Annalotta Järvinen, Student
  • Vilma Viertola, Student

The Location of Functions -workgroup

  • Timo Vekara, Professor
  • Liisa Mäkelä, Professor –Deputy to Professors: Riitta Viitala
  • Tiina Sorvali, University Lecturer, Language Centre Linginno – VYLL
  • Niklas Lundström, Assistant Professor, Management
  • Nina Nässlin, OOP, Manager
  • Anu Koskiahde, Expert, Shared Services
  • Emmi Nuutila, Student
  • Marianne Rinne, Student

The Change Support group

In addition, the MUTU, or Change support group has been set up to support change.

The purpose of the Change support group is to support and promote the concrete development work of the university campus and to facilitate the implementation of change and renewal. The key for the group is to consider the well-being needs of staff and students and the opportunities to develop their skills in the revolution of work and the diversity of studies. Aspects emphasized by the Change support group include anticipation of issues related to change and renewal, transparent and timely communications, utilization of researched information and consultation of staff. In addition, the group’s goal is to enable practices that ensure the fluency of work. The Change support group consists of university staff, but it also has a representative from VYY to pursue students’ well-being.

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