Vision for Trust-based Transformation Through Distributed Ledger Technology (A briefing paper by TOKEN)


TOKEN (Transformative Impact Of Blockchain Technologies in Public Services) is an EU funded project with a goal to develop an “experimental ecosystem to enable the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies and to prove its value, via highly replicable Use Cases, as driver for the transformation of public services.” You can learn more about TOKEN on their website. The project has recently published its first briefing paper, which is a reflection of the transformative role of distributed ledger technologies in the public sector, authored by Johannes Anttila,
Johannes Mikkonen, and Claire Shaw, with contributions from Anna Björk, Judith Clifton, Iacopo Gronchi, Eva Duran Sanchez, Savvas Rogotis, and Sofia Terzi. Read the briefing paper here to learn about TOKEN’s vision for trust-based transformation through distributed ledger technology!

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