Submission Guidelines

The Vaasa Servitization Workshop 2024 welcomes submissions of papers focusing on Sustainable Smart Product-Service Systems (SPSS). The complete list of topics can be seen here.
When submitting, papers should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • We are searching for papers which synthesize a literature on a specific concept within the field of “Sustainable Smart Product-Service Systems” to create conceptual contributions to facilitate theorization and knowledge development. Thus, a suggested paper should be a conceptual one, building on the previous literature. Instead of synthesizing a very broad theme, focus on a specific concept, tool, or framework. Then, this handbook will provide 25 articles presenting complementary concepts and literature reviews, being a great book to be used by managers, scholars, master students or researchers. Make sure that any Figure you present is a unique one, or building on a previously presented model, but not similar. Any presented model should develop the previous literature further.
  • Papers should have a significant utilization of theory / 20-40 references.
  • The abstract should contain up to 2000 words including keywords, main text, references, tables, or pictures.
  • The final paper should contain from 4000 to 5000 words including abstract, keywords, main text, references, tables, or pictures.
  • Before submitting, the final paper should be proofread by professional proofreaders.
  • For reference format, use American Psychological Association APA 7th.
  • All abstracts and final papers should include main headings (and the same baseline structure), such as: Abstract; 1. Introduction; 2. Theory development (with appropriate sub-headings, tables and hopefully an integrative framework), e.g. 2.1. Defining the concept, 2.2. Theoretical dimensions, processes, mechanisms, 2.3. Antecedents or outcomes; 3. Discussion including 3.1. Theoretical contributions and 3.2. Managerial implications.
  • In the abstract and final papers, headings and sub-headings should be in the following format:
    • Second headings in bold
    • No third headings
  • Your abstract and paper titles should be written in the following format: Times New Roman, bold, 14pt, single space, first letter of each word capitalized.
  • Final papers must have the same title as the abstract submitted.
  • In text, use Times New Roman 12pt.
  • Line spacing should be 1,5. All margins should be 2,54.
  • Tables: Reference in the text. Table text before the table. Table 1 in bold. Each table has to be provided in a separate modifiable word-file – one table in one word-file. In tables, use font 10.
  • Figures: Reference in the text. Figure text after the figure. Figure 1 in bold. Each Figure has to be provided in a separate modifiable ppt-file – one Figure in one ppt-file. In pictures, make sure the font sizes equal to 10.
  • Thus, please submit the manuscript, and then each table and figure in separate files, where table or figure is in modifiable form.
  • Direct quotes: “In Italics” (Kohtamäki, 2019: 303). Page number after the year.
  • Provide also from 3 to 5 keywords which are used for indexing. Later stage of the publishing process, authors are required to highlight the keywords from the manuscript as provided by the editors.
  • Abstracts and final papers will go through an editorial process and a double-blind review, which emphasizes theoretical relevance. Please note that authors names must not be included in the abstract.


Please utilize the following templates for developing your abstracts and final papers. All templates are already in the required final format.

How to submit your abstract and final paper?

  • Abstracts and final papers should be submitted here.

Book editors:
Marko Kohtamäki, Rodrigo Rabetino, Vinit Parida, David Sjödin, Ali Zee Bigdeli & Time Baines.