Vaasa Servitization Workshop 9th and 10th of September 2024 - Vaasa, Finland

The Vaasa Servitization Workshop 2024 aims to deepen understanding of the digital servitization journey, with a specific emphasis on sustainable smart product-service systems (SPSS) achieved through the meticulous design of processes and systems for more efficient resource utilization. The event revolves around three key themes:


  1. Knowledge on strategies, tactics, and operations of sustainable product-service systems
  2. The radical and incremental innovation processes related to product-service systems, service innovations, and business model innovation
  3. The management and organization of servitization processes towards sustainable smart product-service systems.


The Strategic Business Development (SBD) Research Group warmly invites participants to the Vaasa Servitization Workshop 2024, an exceptional event designed to surpass expectations and foster meaningful engagement. This gathering offers an exclusive opportunity for participants to present their work, receive feedback, and secure a place in a forthcoming book scheduled for publication in 2026.

Participants can choose from a diverse range of topics under the three main themes of the event, which align with the themes of the dedicated book chapter. On the pivotal days of September 9th and 10th, participants will have the chance to present their full papers and receive feedback from a diverse array of experienced professors and top scholars in the field of digital servitization. This provides participants with the opportunity to secure a slot in a book chapter focusing on the crucial transition towards sustainable SPSS.

We encourage participants to arrive a day earlier, on the 8th of September, to join an optional boat trip that explores the scenic waters of Vaasa, culminating in an evening at a charming island restaurant featuring traditional Finnish cuisine. Beyond the enriching sessions on the two main days of the event, 9th and 10th of September, this event presents an excellent opportunity to visit the University of Vaasa, engage with the digital servitization community, and participate in stimulating discussions on diverse topics within the realm of digital servitization. It’s not merely an event! It’s a platform to connect with experts and contribute to the advancement of sustainable SPSS.