Renovated science library opens its doors completing the first stage of campus development


The first stage of the University of Vaasa campus development project has been completed on schedule. The science library, which has moved to the spacious and bright Luotsi building, will open its doors to customers at the beginning of the academic year. The Luotsi building has been completely renovated, and it now includes a new glass-walled extension.

The Luotsi building, which used to be an administrative building, has undergone a major change from the floor to the ceiling. The new main entrance is integrated with the glass extension and the lobby that is open up to the second floor. The glass extension will be a working space for visitors to the Tritonia Science Library. The space of about 50 square metres will include desks for library users. On the second floor, there are different working and reading spaces and quiet spaces. Luotsi is intended to become the campus’s new vibrant meeting place and a calling card for the entire campus.

The courtyard has also received a new look. The stonework of the main entrance area has been renewed, and the garden in the courtyard area will be developed. There will be bicycle parking on the Wolffintie side, and there are now about 100 new bicycle places available.

“We are very excited that the university’s campus development is progressing. The goal is to make our campus an attractive meeting place, respecting the principles of sustainable development. Renewal includes not only buildings but also the development and change of operating practices,” says Rector Jari Kuusisto. 


An even better science library

The library in the former Tritonia building closed before Midsummer, and the library’s move to the new premises began in mid-July. The staff moved to the new facilities in Luotsi in August. The opening ceremony of the Tritonia Science Library will take place on 1 September.


The new science library, designed together, offers modern and accessible facilities and services for students, researchers and teachers on the Palosaari campus. 


“In addition to the University of Vaasa, the library will also serve the information needs of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences. We are also a public library open to all,” says Anne Lehto, head of the science library. 


Sum of many details

The renovation of the new library building includes many visible and invisible stages.

In connection with the implementation, repairs related to the condition of the building were also made. The construction proceeded according to schedule and within the target price, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges posed by the situation in Ukraine in terms of the availability of materials and price increases.  


According to Minna Nygård, Peab’s project development manager, extensive changes have been made to the Luotsi building, relating to the conversion of the former office building into a spacious public building.


“The change has required extensive construction work with all the small office rooms being demolished, the building being expanded, the building technology being upgraded and all the surfaces being renovated. Cooperation within the alliance has gone really well. In the renovation project, we have been able to respond to the typical surprises and changes during construction in an agile and flexible manner. The timely completion of Luotsi will enable the next steps to be taken as planned,” Nygård says.


From the point of view of structural and repair planning, the project has been very diverse. The change in the purpose of the buildings brought structural challenges, as extensive measures were targeted at the existing structures and new structures were combined with the existing ones. The project utilised circular economy solutions.


“In connection with Luotsi’s transformation, the old openings of the façade were closed and other repairs were made with bricks taken from other parts of the building. Although we made significant façade changes, we were able to utilise the existing construction material. We invested in indoor air quality with sealing repairs,” says structural designer Mats Strömbäck of Ramboll.


“In terms of technology, the library has been completely redesigned to meet today’s needs. The indoor air quality has been improved by increasing space cooling, and the capacity of ICT systems has been implemented taking into account future needs. Modern fire alarm systems and other security systems increase safety. The entire technology of the building works automatically, energy-efficiently and unnoticed without the user having to make any adjustments. The library will also be fully prepared to join the new environmentally friendly energy system of the campus when it is completed next year,” says Kari Rintamäki, Development Director at Granlund Pohjanmaa Oy.


The Vaasan Merikampus alliance renovated the Luotsi building in the first stage.

The next stage of campus development is the renovation of the office building, i.e. the former Tritonia building, and the Tervahovi building. Construction work on the office building began in August, and its completion is scheduled for spring 2023. The Tervahovi building will be completed by the end of 2023.


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