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You can still apply for new ad hoc groups in campus development. Applications for groups will take place by email and the application period is Friday 26 March. Until. Team members represent all staff and act as messengers between the staff and the group. More detailed information on applying can be found below. 

You can apply to the following groups: 

  • Lobby- and corridor areas ad hoc
  • Learning facilities ad hoc
  • The service area ad hoc
  • Research infrastructure ad hoc
  • Outdoor areas ad hoc 
  • Arts ad hoc

 How to apply to ad hoc groups:  

  • Announce your interest by 26 March to kampushanke@uwasa.fi 
  • The message must show which group you want to apply to
  • Applications are directed to group leaders who decide on who to include in groups 
  • The team leader will contact you if you have been selected to join a group 

If you don’t want to apply to the ad hoc group yourself but want to make your voice heard, tell your thoughts to a suitable ad hoc representative. The person takes the idea to the attention of the group for you.

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