Summary of the Students’ Workshop

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In this piece of news, we have compiled the key results of the students’ February workshop in list form. The compilation is therefore about the wishes, needs, and dreams expressed by the students, and these wishes are passed on to the consciousness of the design. The event was divided into five different themes, which the students discussed in groups. We would like to thank the participating students for their active discussion and effort.

The Campus Experience

Campus experience was the most abstract theme of the workshop. This can be understood, for example, through virtual, physical, and social experience, as well as from the perspective of the innovation environment and the development of stakeholder work. The discussions focused especially on supporting people-to-people interaction, concentration, and creativity through space solutions. Key outputs included:

  • The role of subject organizational facilities is important in students’ campus experience
    • A better framework
    • Enable cooperation and interaction with working life The campus will be given genuine encounters in the future, especially for students starting up
  • Comfortable group workspaces
  • Campus restaurants as meeting places
  • Spaces open to all
  • Sea view an important part of the campus experience and well-being
    • Proximity to the sea will continue to be guaranteed
  • Quiet spaces for working alone
  • Possibility of versatile use of yard areas
  • Stakeholder work, etc.
  • New presence concepts and facilities for companies and the public sector


The focus of the thematic discussions on studies was the student’s everyday activities, teamwork, self-study, lectures, and so on. Key themes include:

  • Accessibility factors + gender neutrality (toilets)
  • 24/7 study facilities (safety)
    • considering students with different schedules
  • Tables big enough for teaching facilities and classrooms
    • In addition to the computer, there should be room for other materials
  • Group workspaces of different sizes with different equipment
    • some screen, some with a big table, some with more creative solutions
  • Ergonomics of work points
    • Standing work opportunities
  • Add plugs to study facilities and library
  • Opportunities for hybrid courses in classrooms
  • Visually pleasing spaces
    • Different colors and materials (not too flashy)
  • Paintings and historical works also on display
  • Water points and snack vending machines + a widely open café
  • Attention to sound ergonomics
  • Peaceful small spaces where you can participate in remote reading + phone booths
    • E-conference technology in bookable spaces
  • Even small screens to separate single-person workstations
  • Adaptable and multifunctional modes
  • Serms and booths (Benchmark Stockholm and Umeå Universities)
    • Vuokko and Kvarken are good facilities!
  • A smooth and uniform space reservation system
  • Good ventilation

Chilling and freetime on campus

Chilling and freetime refer to all activities outside of study that we want to increase on campus in the future.

  • Good and versatile student-priced restaurant and café services
  • Shared dabbling facilities with the possibility of, for example, bike maintenance
  • Kiosk open by non-cafés
    • Food is also served in the evenings
  • Association facilities also in leisure time
  • A sense of security on campus (equality)
    • Expressing this in the premises, including a non-discrimination zone
  • Theatre
    • Screen and grandstand
    • Benchmark TEK lounge
    • Access to films, sports, and training
    • Bookable and useful for the entire university
  • 24/7 walkways, at least some of the facilities like the library
  • An amphitheater outside
  • A quiet resting room
  • Utilization of grassland for tutoring events + squats in winter
  • Outdoor gym suitable for proper training

Active commuting on and to campus

Discussions on this theme focused on the ways of future travel to campus and campus, as well as on sustainable development’s effects on this.

  • Improving public transport (cooperation with the city?)
  • Good, plowed, and well-thought pedestrian routes inside the campus
  • Supporting cycling!
    • Locking the bike from the frame
    • Racks with roofs
    • The location is concentrated near Luotsi and Tervahovi
    • Shower possibility OR cooperation e.g. With WSC
    • Bike maintenance possibility
  • Parking
    • No more or fewer parking spots
    • Carpooling places closer to doors, no incentive for private cars
    • Possibility to stop in front of the door (importing goods, lying), but not parking there!
    • Develop other places rather than parking spaces
  • Storage
    • Similar cupboards as in the Exam-classes with personalized PIN-codes and time restrictions (not available for days, rather hours)
    • You can put e.g. cycling helmet, e-bike battery charge, etc. (electricity inside the cabinet)

The support of students

By study support measures, we mean all activities related to supporting and guiding students and the related needs.

  • What’s most important about support
    • an easy booking system
    • Information available (how/from)?
    • A holistic perspective on support functions
  • Drop-in receptions, low-threshold meetings
    • support for needs
  • Face-to-face control VS. Remote control
    • For both of us, the choice is good
    • Decision-making power for the student
    • E.g. IT is easy to implement remotely, but psychology would be good to see on site
  • What kind of modes support such functionality?
    • A waiting lobby
      • not too loud
      • An inviting space
      • low threshold and discretely in balance
    • Virtual spaces or physical spaces brought to life through technology
    • peaceful and cozy décor
  • Where are these spaces ideally located?
    • Close to students and lecture halls
    • Not hidden in administrative premises
    • Centrally located
    • privacy (sensitive issues)

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