How can I donate?

The Vaasa University Foundation accepts donations, which it continues to award as scholarships and grants to researchers and students, e.g. master and doctoral theses or for other research work and for projects. Individuals can make a donation or a will to the Foundation to support its activities. The donation can be made to existing funds or it is also possible to form a title fund. The donation will be distributed as grants to the field of education or other destination the donor desires. The activities of the Foundation are managed by the Board of the Foundation and the delegation. Donations between € 850 and € 50,000 made by entities and companies are tax deductible (excluding partnerships and limited partnerships).

Donating is effortless. The gift book form (in Finnish only) is available from the Foundation’s agent or from this page. The donor submits the completed gift certificate to the Foundation and pays the donation amount to the Foundation’s bank account. FI23 1544 3000 0993 12. For more information on the donation and will, please contact Ilpo Ojala, the Foundation’s representative.

Further information

Ilpo Ojala

tel +358 29 449 8339