Applications and Opportunities of Blockchain at the University of Vaasa


Several schools at the University of Vaasa took part at a double academic event ”Applications and Opportunities of Blockchain”, which included both a theoretical and a practical part. This event was organized by the School of Marketing and Communication, School of Management, School of Technology and Innovation, School of Accounting and Finance and the Digital Economy Research Platform.

In addition, the hosts invited two external keynote speakers to share expertise on blockchain technologies. Firstly, professor J. Tuomas Harviainen from the University of Tampere presented a talk on current and future applications of blockchain. The second speaker, Kimmo Mäkinen,  works as a Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Finance. He shared the governmental perspective on blockchain in data management.

The theoretical workshop continued with presentations from academics at the University of Vaasa. Eight researchers delivered six talks on blokchain in journalism, project management, energy trading and creative industries. After the lunch break, participants engaged into hands-on experience with blockchain at the final part of the event, the ”Adopthon” workshop.

The seminar was streamed to make it more accessible to various audiences. The complete program of the event, as well as all presentations, can be found by the link below.




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