Disruptive Technologies in Media, Arts and Design


We are happy to announce a new book, puplished at Springer in March 2022. This is the collection of innovative research case studies that explore the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain within the media, arts and design sector. This publication has accumulated 13 academic papers which were first presented and discussed at the Media, Art and Design series of online conferences in 2020-2021.

The collected volume includes several contributions from the researchers associated with Conceptualizing Blockchains. Tanja Sihvonen cowrote the article on representation of disruptive technologies in media “Blockchain May Automate Jobs Done by the Boss and AI Can Predict a Heart Attack” with Merja Koskela and Liisa Kääntä. She also contributed to the article Cryptogames as Drivers for Blockchain Application Development with J. Tuomas Harviainen and Alesha Serada.

Alesha Serada contributed a part of their dissertation, titled Fairness by Design: The Fair Game and the Fair Price on a Blockchain-Based Marketplace. They are also one of the editors of the volume, having helped with many articles written by other primary authors and researchers.

The book is intended for the audience of technology innovators and researchers who wish to learn more about the work of their colleagues in the fields of AI and blockchain.


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