BETH belongs to a wider research project network including

Co-creativity in the Era of AI (LuotAI), Kone foundation, 2020-2024

Second Machine Age Knowledge Co-Creation Processes in Space and Time, Academy of Finland, 2018-2023

Research Publications about knowledge creation, creativity, and innovation processes with new technologies

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  • Wingström, Roosa, Johanna Hautala & Riina Lundman (2022) Redefining Creativity in the Era of AI? Perspectives of Computer Scientists and New Media Artists, Creativity Research Journal,
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  • Hautala J (2021) Can robots possess knowledge? Rethinking the DIK(W) pyramid through the lens of employees of an automotive factory. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 8(212),
  • Heino H, Hautala J (2021) Mobile futures knowledge: From research policy to research and public policy? Geoforum 118: 83–92.
  • Hautala J, Schmidt S (2019) Learning across distances: An international collaborative learning project between Berlin and Turku. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 43(2): 181–200.
  • Hautala J (2018) Now together, next apart: Knowledge creation processes through repeated geographical dispersion. Geografiska Annaler: Human Geography 100(3): 220–243.
  • Lundman R, Nordström P (2023) Creative geographies in the age of AI: Co-creative spatiality and the emerging techno-material relations between artists and artificial intelligence