Who we are and what we do?



Annika Laine-Kronberg

Professor, Educator, Entrepreneur

050 594 9421


Annika is an EPANET professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Vaasa in Seinäjoki. Her expertise is within business networks, simultaneous cooperation and competition between firms. Other interest areas are strategy-as-practice, conflict management, change management and transitions to sustainability. Annika is involved in several EU-funded projects related to resilience, sustainability, digitalization and strategy. She regularly cooperates with firms and educates leaders, middle-managers and employees. She has published articles in several highly ranked academic journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Cleaner Production and Scandinavian Journal of Management. Her colleagues and teammates describe her as a goal-oriented, active and communicative person. As an educator she is described as being inspiring, energetic, down-to earth, but still professional.

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Paula Linna

Assistant professor

029 449 8533


Paula studies the growth strategies of sustainable entrepreneurs. In addition, she tries to promote the internationalization of the South Ostrobothia’s food sector companies. Before joining Vaasa University, Paula has been involved in the following projects among others:

Research fellow at the New Global-project, Aalto University, 2013-2019. The project aimed to co-create frugal and reverse innovations for “wicked problems” such as climate change and poverty. During the project, Paula worked with companies interested in creating new business innovations for the needs of the resource-scarce communities in Eastern Africa.

Project researcher at the User-Driven Innovations in the Base of the Pyramid, Aalto University 2009-2012. The project focused on developing user-driven innovations and innovations ecosystems between
partners from various countries such as India, Nepal, Tansania, Mosambik.

In addition, Paula was a project member of the “Connect Africa” project, 2013-2014. The purpose of this project was to co-create market entry modes for Finnish renewable energy SMEs interested in emerging markets in Africa (Nigeria, Kenya and South-Africa).

Developing new measurement for Urban Poverty UNDP Vietnam 2008-2009. Paula worked one year in United Development Program in a project which designed better toolkit to measure urban poverty in Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City. During her free time, she studied informal entrepreneurship practices in the telecom sector.

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Marko Siltamäki

Project researcher

029 449 8602


Marko is conducting a dissertation research about SME’s strategizing practices especially concentrating in growth related factors. Marko’s interests rely in strategy work, strategic tools, strategic practices and processes. He has large experience in strategy facilitation, process creation and tools development. His previous experience with IT via work experience (software development) and education (Master of Science) gives him rational and logical touch on strategic management.

Marko has been managing several research projects in addition to researching in projects.

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Rumy Narayan

Doctoral researcher


Rumy researches transitions to sustainable energy systems. Her research interests focus on activating innovations across sectors, actors, and disciplines, while enabling experimentations, a complex process involving tools for coordinating and managing diverse networks. Blockchain as an institutional and social technology for managing and coordinating disparate networks of actors gains relevance in her research.

Shuwei Jiang

Doctoral researcher


As a strategy researcher and international business expert, Shuwei is interested and experienced in inter-organisational relationships under international context; in particular, the strategy related to internationalisation and cooperation with competitors between European and Chinese firms. His current research interest includes, e.g., coopetition, networks, international joint venture (IJV), SMEs. He is equipped with practical successful track record from manufacturing industry and utility & energy sector in leading project management (IJV, M&A, EPC, etc.), business development and stakeholder management. He is also involved in teaching courses at Master level including project management and international strategic management that aiming to link theories and practices for business education.

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Suvi Päivärinta

Doctoral researcher, Education Manager


Suvi believes that good leadership is the key to a successful implementation of the strategy in the organisation. Continued uncertainty can provide an opportunity to look at a more sustainable way of implementing the strategy. Suvi gets excited when she sees how change can really be achieved in an organization through good leadership.

Through managerial experience and research, Suvi considers that the most important aspect of good management is to create trust. This is the base for all the work and commitment to the implementation of the organization’s goals. Building trust is a collaborative process. Supervisors can build trust by taking a collaborative approach with staff and creating prospects, and same time by supporting and guiding people in their daily work. Suvi’s special expertise and passion is supporting the change management of supervisors in organizations. She is interested in exploring what the factors that make it easier or more difficult to implement strategies.

Suvi feels she could learn from organizations’ managerial work, cooperation, interactions and practices to help them with smoother implementation of goals. Her research focuses on the management of public organizations, but the factors related to the implementation of the strategy can be used to develop the management of all kinds of organizations.

Tuire Hautala-Kankaanpää

Doctoral researcher


Tuire studies the digitalization of firms. She is interested in how and under what circumstances digitalization creates value for firms. Her research also includes inter-organizational and sustainability related aspects. Tuire is finalizing her dissertation and works as a project researcher. Before entering academia, she worked for several years in communication and marketing.

Elizabeth Edgal

Doctoral researcher


Elizabeth’s research interest is in business to business relationship in both dyadic and networks; interested in exploring sustainable buyer-supplier relationship and how the various relationships impacts environmental performance especially in the manufacturing industry. She is also interested and researching on sustainable supply chain management and stakeholder engagement in developing countries – Africa and particularly Nigeria. Elizabeth has previous work experience as a procurement specialist with proven exceptional results spanning multiple industries (Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Logistics) and an MSc in Strategic Supply Chain Management.

Harri Koski

Doctoral researcher


Harri is trained in technology and commercial sciences. His technical expertise lies within biotechnology, microbiology, chemistry, machining, and logistics, and commercial expertise is focused on accounting, strategy, entrepreneurship and management. Production and industry is where he feels most at home, and the focus of his dissertation is industrial entrepreneurship. An avid history, anthropology, and literature buff, Harri is particularly interested in cognitive philology and economics.