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Behrndt T., Hautala J., Mäkinen L., Wingström R., (2021) Promises and Challenges of Future Technologies in Human Geographical Research. Session at the Geography days, November, Oulu.


  • Hautala J (2021) Tieto ja luovuus tekoälyn ajalla. Vaasan tiedekarnevaalit, 19.11.2021, Vaasa.
  • Wingström R, Huopalainen A, Hautala J (2021) Creation process, creative moments, and (im)mobilities: following artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. 37th EGOS colloquium, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Co-Creating knowledge with robots. 5th Geography of Innovation Conference, 29-31.1.2020, Stavanger, Norway.
  • Co-Creating Knowledge with Robots: towards system, synthesis and symbiosis in universities in Tampere and Singapore. Work Conference, 17.8.2019, Helsinki.
  • Knowledge Creation Processes in Space and Time: from Sciences to Arts and the Era of AI. National University of Singapore, 6.6.2019, Singapore.
  • Knowledge Societies Enter the Era of AI: How Is Knowledge Co-Created Among Humans, AI and Robots? Turku AI Meetup, 10.4.2019, Turku.
  • Second Machine Age Knowledge Co-Creation Processes in Space and Time. Maantieteen päivät 25–26.10.2018, Helsinki.


WIC Science Hardtalk by Johanna Hautala: Tietoyhteiskunta ja luovuus tekoälyn ajalla. 17.02.2022.


  • Can machines know? Listen to the SHIFT talk.

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