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Vaasa University Society


The Vaasa University Society is a society of friends of the University of Vaasa. Its aim is to promote cooperation between the University of Vaasa and businesses and to raise awareness of the University’s activities. The society was founded in 1971. Its members are representatives of businesses, cities, municipalities and organisations, former and current employees and students of the University of Vaasa, as well as all other friends of the University. The Society organises seminars on relevant themes and grants awards to outstanding students at the University of Vaasa.

The annual membership fee is  €20 for individual members, €10 for student members and €200 for community members. The one-time membership fee is €200 for individuals and €2000 for communities.


Vaasa University Society: Board

Marja-Riitta Vest is the chair of the Vaasa University Society.

In addition to Vest, the members of the board are Satu Wivolin, Joel Sunabacka,
Harry Linnarinne, Susanna Koski, Tanja Nyqvist and Lauri Tuohiniemi (VYY).

The substitute members are Maijastiina Jokitalo, Helvi Riihimäki, Tanja Davidov and Elmo Paloniemi (VYY).



Contact information

Vaasan yliopistoseura ry / Vaasa University Society

Marja-Riitta Vest, Chair of the Board

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