CoEfNet Project Overview

Computer vision has progressed in many of its fields with the adoption of deep neural networks. Automatic image classification, segmentation and captioning, as well as object recognition and human pose estimation have been especially suitable application areas for deep neural networks. Besides academia, also the industry has expressed considerable interest towards neural network-based solutions, which can be seen in the form of company acquisitions and research investments by car manufacturers. The large-scale deployment of deep neural network -based solutions has however been hindered by computational challenges, which limit their portability to mobile platforms and vehicles. To this extent, the aim of this project is to develop new methodologies for constructing more efficient deep neural networks. The challenge is addressed from two aspects: first, by optimizing existing deep neural networks, and second, by developing efficient neural network architectures from scratch. The partners of the collaborative effort are Aalto University, University of Vaasa, and Tampere University, as well as international collaborators from Grenoble, Oxford and University of Maryland. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland for the duration of 9/2017-2/2022.

Publication Spotlight

LightSAL: Lightweight Sign Agnostic Learning for Implicit Surface Representation

Figure: Point-cloud reconstruction results for 500 training epochs. Left: baseline SAL architecture, Right: proposed LightSAL architecture.

Recently, several works have addressed modeling of 3D shapes using deep neural networks to learn implicit surface representations. Up to now, the majority of works have concentrated on reconstruction quality, paying little or no attention to model size or training time. This work proposes LightSAL, a novel deep convolutional architecture for learning 3D shapes; the proposed work concentrates on efficiency both in network training time and resulting model size. We build on the recent concept of Sign Agnostic Learning for training the proposed network, relying on signed distance fields, with unsigned distance as ground truth. In the experimental section of the paper, we demonstrate that the proposed architecture outperforms previous work in model size and number of required training iterations, while achieving equivalent accuracy. Experiments are based on the D-Faust dataset that contains 41k 3D scans of human shapes. The proposed LightSAL neural network architecture has 75% less trainable parameters, and reduces training time by a factor of 6x compared to the baseline. Moreover, our results show that LightSAL is less prone to overfitting than baseline SAL. Read the full article at arXiv.

Project Consortium

The CoEfNet project is an Academy of Finland consortium project of

Aalto University (Prof. Juho Kannala,; Google Scholar page, consortium lead)

University of Vaasa (Prof. Jani Boutellier,; Google Scholar page).


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More CoEfNet papers can be found on the webpage of Juho Kannala (Aalto University).


Luca Ferranti
INTO indoor localization seminar
Nov 29, 2019

Yujunrong Ma
Decidable Variable-Rate Dataflow for Heterogeneous Signal Processing Systems
Video at ICASSP 2020

Luca Ferranti
DELTA autumn workshop
Nov 12, 2020

Luca Ferranti
Nov 26, 2020

Luca Ferranti
International Conference on Pattern Recognition
Jan 15, 2021

Abol Basher
CSC Lumi roadshow
Feb 19, 2021

Abol Basher
DELTA spring workshop
June 8-9, 2021

Abol Basher
FCAI SIG CV webinar
August 25, 2021