Emotional experience of privacy and ethics in everyday pervasive systems

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Cyber security has developed into a prominent field over the last few decades. Despite user-centred discourse, people who use the Internet in its various forms on an everyday basis, are marginalized in design, development and implementation processes. Yet, not only is there room for improvement from the perspective of technical usability, but in terms of user experience and indeed the experience of using these systems with their challenges, vulnerabilities and other influential factors impacting the emotional experience of human-Internet co-existence are sorely unexplored.

The Emotional Experience of Privacy and Ethics in Everyday Pervasive Systems (BUGGED) project focuses on the personal side of cyber security, particularly regarding privacy and ethics (including ethical use) of the Internet in everyday life. This multidisciplinary project examines the emotional experience of privacy and ethics in relation to everyday interactions in pervasive computing systems.


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