Challenges of digitalisation and communication in the new well-being services counties

Organizers: Anna-Maria Mäki-Kuutti, Sinikka Torkkola and Anna Sendra Toset in cooperation with Tampere University’s TRANSFORM platform

At the beginning of 2023, the organisation of social and health care services will transfer from municipalities to wider well-being services in various counties around Finland. The reform’s aim is to ensure equal, accessible, effective and efficient services for citizens. The service system is subject to major structural and operational changes as well as new practice modalities. One such change is digitalisation, which is also important for significant informational, communicative and technological changes.

Digital services are anticipated to play a significant role in responding to future well-being needs that call the services to obtain a new kind, more comprehensive communicative competence and allocate more resources for communicative tasks.

The workshop, Challenges of digitalisation and communication in the new well-being services counties, is arranged to be part of the XLIII International VAKKI Symposium, taking place on 9– 10 February 2023 in Vaasa. This is open to papers concerning research on health communication/information (including aspects related to information retrieval and information interaction) and communication/information regarding social services. The workshop focuses on the communicative tasks of the well-being services counties from the viewpoint of the digitalisation. However, the workshop welcomes all topics regarding health communication/information and communication/information of social services in the context of the communicative and informative challenges in the well-being services counties.

Please submit your workshop abstract in Finnish or English, keeping it under 300 words, by 10th January 2023 by e-mail to