WP3 Exhaust Noise

WP leader: Touraj Hashempour, University of Vaasa

The exhaust noise (EN) has a relevant contribution to the overall engine noise spectrum. This task focuses on exploring new routes to reduce engine EN without affecting efficiency and emissions. Incremental improvement based on iterative hardware modifications is considered to be time and resource-consuming and insufficient to bridge the current 5DbA noise reduction target. Thus, a model-based design methodology is introduced to explore the feasibility of radical changes to the system in a time and cost-efficient manner.


T.3.1 Detail handling of acoustics effects in GT-suite – new submodel library
T.3.2 Validation of the performance-acoustics engine model including improved experimental procedures.
T.3.3 Model-based optimization campaign for H2/NG RCCI engine air path layout and dimensioning
T.3.4 Actively controlled silencer setup for improved performance across engine operating envelope