WP2 Airborne Noise

WP leader: Amir-Mohammad Shamekhi, University of Vaasa

In combustion engines, a particular challenge relies on separating the airborne noise (ABN) sources. Injector noise, combustion noise, and piston slap noise s are overlapping spatially, and signals are aliased in the time-frequency domain. Future-fuel-enabling engine concepts trade off superior efficiency and flexibility with excessive combustion noise. This calls for noise–based closed loop combustion control features to be developed in this WP.


T.2.1 ABN source contribution separation
T.2.2 Development of a virtual ABN sensor for combined-noise performance simulation.
T.2.3 Towards a real-time capable virtual ABN sensor for on board control purposes.
T.2.4 H2-NG RCCI engine high load extension with combustion noise control.
T.2.5 Combustion Noise on carbon-neutral fuels (H2/Ammonia) – nature of the phenomena with Banger Rig.