WP1 Unified Tool-chains for engine NVH research

WP leader: Pauli Valkjärvi, University of Vaasa

Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) gain importance in powertrain development. Emerging fast and predictive simulation solutions together with high-resolution measurement methods provide extended insight into the governing excitations and noise transfer paths.  Creating the synergy between cutting-edge noise simulation and measurement methods and corresponding performance-oriented toolchains allows accounting for NVH limits in the engine calibration process.  Demonstrating the advantage of this new paradigm in reducing powertrain development time forms the premise of this WP.


T.1.1 Comprehensive in engine and powertrain noise and vibrations measurement and simulations.
T.1.2 Basline engine NVH platform buildup and measurement.
T.1.3 Demo of the integrated NVH measurement-simulation toolchain and common measurement campaign.