PDW: Teaching online across borders and cultures

PDW Chairs:

Dr. Aušrinė Šilenskytė
University Teacher, School of Management, University of Vaasa, Finland

Dr. Daria Panina
Clinical Associate Professor of Management, Mays Business School, USA


What this PDW is about?

The purpose of the PDW is to develop ideas and engage with potential authors of the book chapters for the book on Online Education in IB. Thus, educators and scholars who have been working on enhancing their synchronous and asynchronous online teaching for diverse student groups (culturally, or ethnically) are welcomed to submit their contributions for discussions with and evaluation of the editors of the book on Online Teaching in IB. PDW is suitable for researchers and lecturers at any career stage who wish to develop good quality book chapter publication that would be valuable and applicable for educators around the globe.


What is required to participate?

Potential PDW participants should submit:

Option A: an abstract (250-300 words) representing their book chapter followed by 500 words text of one developed section within that chapter. The text should comply with academic writing standards.

Option B: an online lesson/workshop/ course plan with brief comments on how to execute this plan. This plan should include: learning outcomes, target audience (undergraduates, master’s, MBAs..), how many times and where this plan has been implemented and what were the outcomes (preferably with participant feedback). These proposals should be teaching practice-oriented.

The chapters and teaching plans should be targeted for University, or similar higher-education institutions, they should be suitable for teaching International Business, or other topics related to cross-border interactions, or phenomenon of the MNCs (e.g., cross-cultural communication/ negotiations/ management; culture studies; various IB topics; international marketing, etc.). They should describe situations for synchronous, or asynchronous online teaching/learning.  The practices proposed should support deep learning, skill development, and should focus on the higher-end of Bloom’s taxonomy. The text should be submitted in English. Chapters and teaching plans can include hyperlinks and other interactive material.



Topics for PDW submissions:

Below is the list of topics that are welcomed to the PDW. This list is not exclusive and therefore other topics that comply suggested requirements described above are welcomed:

  • Pedagogy principles for high-quality online education
  • Materials for high-quality online teaching in business studies
  • Synchronic and asynchronic virtual classroom: when and why?
  • Connecting with and engaging culturally diverse students in synchronic and asynchronic virtual classroom?
  • Engaging companies and their managers to participate in online education: when & how?
  • Developing cross-cultural skills when teaching online
  • Handling misunderstandings, insults, and misbehaviour in the diverse online classroom
  • Conducting workshops online
  • Teaching cases online
  • Challenges and opportunities in utilizing video & sound materials in online classes
  • Gamification in virtual courses and classrooms: when and why?
  • Teaching online when school and students have limited technologies and resources
  • Tips for students: dealing with the workload when studying online; handling virtual group work; dealing with challenges and disappointments in a virtual learning environment; retaining attention and interest when studying online; building social networks in virtual education programmes and courses
  • How do educators feel when teaching online and what support they need to be comfortable with teaching in this setting?
  • Developing skills and capabilities of teaching faculty in distant work mode
  • Teacher evaluation in online teaching environment: challenges and solutions
  • Best online teaching and learning practices in Anglo-Saxon counties; or in Latin America; or in Nordic Europe; or in Central Europe; or in Eastern Europe; or in Germanic Europe; or in Latin Europe; or in the Middle East; or in North Africa; or in Sub-Saharan Africa; or in South Africa; or in China; in Japan & Confucian Asia; in India/Pakistan; or in Southern Asia; or in Pacific.



When contributions should be submitted?

Conference paper submission opens: 19 April, 2021
Submission deadline: 31 May, 2021
Acceptance letters deadline: 22 June, 2021

Submit your contribution to: ausrine.silenskyte@uwasa.fi

Please note that authors will need to register for the Vaasa IB conference in order to participate in this PDW.