EUNICE – European University for Customised Education

The University of Vaasa is part of the EUNICE European network university, which is made up of seven higher education institutions from across Europe.

EUNICE strengthens education, research and internationalization by providing:

  • Students and staff with opportunities for international experiences and networking
  • High-quality online learning opportunities
  • Opportunities to gain international teaching experience and support and resources for the digitization of courses
  • Opportunities for our university community to engage in European business partnerships, new ideas and peer learning, and a wider research infrastructure


In addition to the University of Vaasa, the EUNICE University consists of the Poznan University of Technology (PUT) in Poland, the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus- Senftenberg (BTU) in Germany, the University of Cantabria (UC) in Spain, the University of Mons (UMONS) in Belgium, the University of Catania (UNICT) in Italy and the Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France (UPHF) in France.

You can also visit the EUNICE website, where you will find more information on the activities of the network university.

Read more about the EUNICE project on the project page.


News and future events

EUNICE Weeks celebrates Europeanness

EUNICE Weeks, the first event of the EUNICE network university, kicks off on 11 October and runs until 22 October 2021. There is something for everyone, from webinars to cultural performances. During the two-week event, it is possible to network, exchange ideas, learn about other cultures and make connections. The event will address important issues such as virtual and physical mobility of students and staff, awareness of European culture and the promotion of global skills.

The event will take place online.

EUNICE Week 11.-15.10.2021

Monday 11.10.2021
13.30-15.00 WEBINAR: Machine Learning: Algorithms that Write, Paint and Dream

Tuesday – 12.10.2021
13.30-15.00 WEBINAR: The European Union in your daily life

Wednesday – 13.10.2021
10.00-13.00 EUROPEAN MOBILITY FORUM: European Mobility forum for Students: Exploring the benefits of student and staff mobilities in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme and how EUNICE adds value to the already existing European mobility opportunities for students.
13.30-15.00 WEBINAR: The sufficiency perspective in sustainable development

Thursday – 14.10.2021
10.00-13.00 EUROPEAN MOBILITY FORUM: European Mobility forum for Administrative and Academic Staff: Practical information regarding physical and virtual mobility for admin staff and academics within the EUNICE Alliance.
13.30-15.00 WEBINAR: Scotland and Brexit

Friday – 15.10.2021
13.30-15.00 WEBINAR: EU responses to the covid-19 pandemic


EUNICE Week 18.-22.10.2021

Monday – 18.10.2021
9.45-14.00 WORKSHOP: Intercultural Training / Contamination Lab Pills / Start-Cup: Exchanges on entrepreneurship views (paralell sessions)
16.00-19.00 CONFERENCE + DEBATE: Digital Europe: Opportunities and Threats
21.00-00.00 CULTURAL PERFORMANCES: Poland in Music. Featuring Polish folk group Poligrodzianie, Poland

Tuesday – 19.10.2021
9.45-14.00 WORKSHOP: Companies’ Presentations
16.00-19.00 CONFERENCE + DEBATE: Blockchain in Public Services. Consequences of Disruptive Technologies for Citizens, Work and the Economy
21.00-00.00 CULTURAL PERFORMANCES: Let the Music Speak. Featuring Camerata Coral Universidad de Cantabria, Spain

Wednesday – 20.10.2021
9.45-43.00 WORKSHOP: Doctorate in EUNICE
16.00-19.00 CONFERENCE + DEBATE: Employability and Multilingualism
21.00-22.00 CULTURAL PERFORMANCES: Folk group Jepokryddona. Organised by the University of Vaasa, Finland. It is also possible to attend the event on site in the Levón hall. Registration for this will be updated on the website shortly.

Thursday – 21.10.2021
9.45-14.00 WORKSHOP: Application Training
16.00-19.00 CONFERENCE + DEBATE: Opinions Which Partial Have the Effect of Vitiating the Rectitude of Judgment. Heuristics and Critic of Sources in Science
21.00-00.00 CULTURAL PERFORMANCES: The Sound of EUNICE. Featuring the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia, Belgium

Friday – 22.10.2021
9.45-14.00 WORKSHOP: The EUNICE International Internship Portal: Career Counseling
16.00-19.00 CONFERENCE + DEBATE: The Concept of Hosting in South Europe. Myth, History, Art, Nature
21.00-00.00 CULTURAL PERFORMANCES: Vicenzo Bellini: Musical Impressions from his Compositions. Organised by the University of Catania, Italy

For the full programme and registration details, visit the EUNICE website.

Student registration for workshops and conferences.


The first newsletter has been published

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