The Faculty has obtained Webropol licence for not only collecting data with electronic surveys but also analyzing your own data collected by other means.

Comprehensive and easy-to-read manuals in English can be downloaded from the system after signing in. The userface is multiligual and on-screen help functions is excellent. (You can manage basic things without practice.)

Our agreement includes two separate user domains, one for (bsc. & Msc.) students and another for personnel (anybody with staff ID). There is room for 3000 degree students and 300 staff members.

The academic package includes several additional tools for analyzing the data:

  • Webropol Text Mining – Qualitative text analysis (not to compare with NVivo though)
  • Webropol Insight – Basic statistics
  • Webropol Professional Statistics – In depth statistical analysis such as
    • Basic
      • t-test (unrelated groups and matching pairs)
      • Canonical Correlation
      • Wilcoxons tests
      • Mann-Whitneys U-test
      • Kruskal-Wallis test
      • Chi2
      • GAP analysis
    • Variance analyses:
      • ANOVA
      • Correlation analysis (Pearson, Spearman)
      • Cronbach’s a
    • Multidimensional scaling / factor analyses:
      • PCA
      • SOM
      • Sammon analysis
    • Cluster analyses:
      • Hierarchical clustering
    • Regressions:
      • PLS
      • Stepwise regression
    • Advanced cross tabling functions:
      • Shows both percentages and means
      • Shows statistically significant differences
      • Automatic creation of figures
      • Some qualitative analysis
      • Forecasting to some extent

Some info sheets (in Finnish):

For user IDs and technical help (if needed), contact Tiina.jokinen(a)uva.fi